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Lancaster Metals & Recycling
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Recycling Scrap Metal
Lancaster Metals and Recycling Pays!
We pay you top dollar for your scrap metal and aluminum cans.
Current Rates
Honest Daily Rates
Lancaster Metals & Recycling, LLC.
402 East Locust Street
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
P: 740-653-6253
Location Hours with Drive-Thru:
Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday:  8:30a-4p
Thursday-Saturday:  8:30a-Noon
Sunday: Closed
  Aluminum Cans
  Aluminum Cans over 100lbs.
  Aluminum Siding/Extrusion
  Bare Bright Cooper
Call for Price   Radiators
  Copper #1
  Copper #2
  Yellow Brass
Call for Price   Red/Hard/Gear Brass
Call for Price   Irony Brass
  Cast Aluminum
  Stainless Steel
  Old Sheet Aluminum
  Irony Cast Aluminum
Call for Price   Aluminum Wheels
  Call for Price   Starter/Alternators
120/TON   Scrap "Sheet" Steel
Call for Price   Heavy Melt Steel
   * Pricing subject to change without notice
Lancaster Metals
offers Bulk Metal Deals
" We Pay More!"
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Services Provided
• Recycling wide range of metals
• Commercial/Industrial recycling
• Business waste reduction consulting
• Accurate scales
• Friendly and knowledgeable staff
• Conveniently location

List of Popular Recycled Metals
• Copper
     (bare bright, #1, #2, cast)
• Aluminum
     (cans, siding/extrusion, old sheet, irony cast, wheels)
• Brass
    (yellow, red/hard/gear,  irony)
• Steel
     (stainless, sheet, heavy melt)
• Tin
• Iron
• Radiators, Starters, Alternators, Batteries
We Pay Cash For Scrap Metal!